RIP: Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards passed away Wednesday night; he was 88. While Edwards did have some clunkers in his career, there was also so much magic. Operation Petticoat, Victor/Victoria, The Great Race, and, of course, The Pink Panther — pictures that make you laugh and often touch the heart as well. He will be missed.

Edwards’ comedy was often tinged with a dark edge born of a life-long struggle with depression and he could find humor in situations that in other circumstances wouldn’t be funny at all. As such, he would probably be amused that he managed to pass only a few days after Turner Classic Movies posted their annual “TCM Remembers” video, so he is not seen in the retrospective of those movie fans have lost this year. I had considered waiting to post this until closer to New Year’s Eve, but it seems appropriate now as I remember a man who made me laugh so much when I was young (you couldn’t get me away from the TV whenever The Great Race aired), to remember some of the other folks who graced cinema screens with their talents and whose work lives on in images which move through the projector at 24 frames per second.

NaNo Inspiration: November 16

NaNo Inspiration: November 16

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” — George Eliot

I learned yesterday that an on-line friend had passed away unexpectedly. I’d only had the chance to meet him once, several years ago, but he was as lovely in person as he was in his posts and emails. When discussions grew heated in a group, he would be a voice of calm reason, but not in a way that put anyone down and that allowed the person you disagreed with might have a valid opinion as well. Our interest had somewhat diverged over the years and we didn’t speak as often on-line as we used to, but to know that this kind and considerate person was no longer with us has left a bit of a hole. I was also surprised to learn he was younger than me by a number of years, most definitely a case of gone too soon.

Writing is a very solitary occupation in many ways, but what should inspire and move us is the world we live in and the people within that world. NaNoWriMo is about not waiting until tomorrow, but telling your story now. Life is brief and we all have regrets, but don’t let having your dreams slip away without at least trying be one of them. Be kind to one another as well; respect and consideration do much to make the world around us brighter.