NaNoWriMo Inspiration: Day 8

“Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There’s an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again… A moment when she’s outrun every doubt and fear she’s ever had about herself and she flies. In... read more

NaNoWriMo Inspiration: Day 7

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” — Pablo Picasso We’ve made it a week. If everything has gone as it’s supposed to, then you should be seeing 11,667 words by the end of the day. If things have gone really well, then you... read more

NaNoWriMo Inspiration: Day 6

“The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way.” ― Ken Poirot Yesterday was definitely a good writing day for me. I’d lost considerable ground on Tuesday due to a number of factors which upset my writing schedule. Thursday, though, saw me... read more

Caro Kinkead

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something or the other and finished my first “novel” at the age of eight (five pages, which my mother still has and threatens to sell to the National Enquirer when I make the NYT bestseller list). I have the usual collection of adolescent bad poetry and purple prose, much of which has thankfully disappeared — though I recently unearthed the first romance novel I completed. :: shudders ::


What I Write

These days, I’m focused on a contemporary romance series set in the fictional town of Henry’s Mills, close enough to New York and Boston to enjoy their amenities — but far enough away that urbanites wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle can deem it “rural.” The residents have cannily embraced this designation for tourism purposes.

The first book is in editing, while the second was drafted during NaNoWriMo 2015. With luck, both will be published in 2016. Of course, that’s not to say something shiny and new won’t come along to catch my attention at any moment…

What You'll Find Here

At this point, I’m sharing my thoughts, knitting projects, general geekiness, and whatever else might fall out of my brain. Current media obsessions are The Flash, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Blindspot, and comics in general and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular.

Goals for January 2011

Slept rather late this morning after staying up to see the new year in. We went out to get a late breakfast which really was lunch and now intend to spend the rest of the day being quiet, knitting and doing some reading. Before that, though, I wanted to post my goals... read more

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2011! Here’s to a fresh, shiny new year. May it be filled with love, happiness and success for us... read more

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011

Here we are, the last day of the year. There were moments when I didn’t think I’d make it with any scrap of sanity, but it’s the 31st and I’m still typing. Time for a look back and a look forward, for both my writing and personally. 2010 Wrote... read more


I so didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Winter has truly settled in Los Angeles and I could hear the wind howling outside my window when I woke up. Much more preferable to snuggle down under the duvet with a warm husband and warm cat. But the alarm kept... read more

And Another Resolution…

Ensure the husband is more conversant on Word. That way he can do the LEM (Lay Eucharistic Ministers) schedule for the church and not have to ask me to do the typing. (I love him, but how did I manage to marry a luddite?) Spent most of yesterday evening doing that and... read more

Good Intentions

New Year’s Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. — Mark Twain Yup, I’m starting to make my resolutions for 2011. (We will not mention the fact that I had resolved... read more

At the Movies: The King’s Speech

The husband and I first tried to see this last weekend and discovered that the theatre where it was playing was sold out for all of the showings we could get to. (We ended up with a second viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows instead, which is much better... read more

Sunday Roundup – Boxing Day Edition

Status 100 words a day/100 days — Still going, having completed 26 days as of this writing. Whereas I’m starting to see the value in not saying “I must write X number of words of fiction every day that is original and assigned to Y project,” I... read more

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas to one and all. May your day be joyous and filled with love, and may the warmth of the season remain with you throughout the... read more

Christmas Eve Checklist

Since we’re now on countdown to what is one of two completely insane days for women each year (Thanksgiving being the other), today’s post is my checklist for the next thirty-six hours. Gifts for friends handled. — Done. Just need to deliver the last... read more

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